What’s In a McGruff Safe Kit and How Is It Designed for Kids?

McGruff Safe Kit

December 1, 2021

What's In a McGruff Safe Kit and How Is It Designed for Kids?

What is a McGruff Safe Kit for and What You’ll Find Inside

A complimentary McGruff Safe Kit includes several items that can help protect children. From personal records to fingerprints, it provides an easy way for parents to organize critical information and have it available if their child goes missing. Learn more about what you’ll find inside and how it can be used to improve your whole family’s safety.

Few parents want to consider the actual ramifications of their children going missing. There’s a limited amount of time to recover missing persons from malicious abductions to unintentional separations before the odds of finding them dramatically drop off.

The McGruff Safe Kit was created to help everyone spring into action. See what’s in these kits and how they were designed with your child in mind.

What’s Included in the McGruff Safe Kit?

The McGruff kits include the following items:

Emergency numbers card (tear-out)

Fingerprint card/child-safe ink (tear-out)

Personal record card

DNA collection instructions

911 instructions

Family-friendly games and quizzes on essential safety messages

Many of these items are for parents, so they keep their child’s vital information close in an emergency. However, children can also use a McGruff Safe Kit to learn more about what they should do if they find themselves without the assistance of a trusted adult.

Why Do Parents Order These Kits?

These free kits are essentially there to serve as peace of mind. Thankfully, most parents will never have to use them. Still, it’s nice to know that you can answer questions immediately so alerts can go out faster and rescue teams can mobilize without having to make assumptions.

These kits also prompt families to discuss what they would do in the face of danger. From natural disasters to tantrum-inspired runaways, missing children don’t always have the skill to cope with the unexpected. Running through a few scenarios and talking about applying general concepts to specific situations can be a great way to think through challenges rationally. The more everyone plans, the less likely they are to panic when the chips are down.
(These kits are less about fear and more about awareness.)

Kids can appreciate these lessons every bit as much as adults can, and McGruff the Crime Dog is a friendly way to introduce topics that might be difficult to discuss. When a McGruff Safe Kit arrives, it can be novel enough to keep a child’s interest. After all the information has been recorded, it can be stored in a particular place and updated as needed (e.g., with recent photographs, updated emergency numbers, etc.). Having it on hand can also be a great way to discuss prevention regularly.